Leaning on Leona

imageNo doubt, if you have visited the Cathedral
offices or the Open Door Cafe sometime in the last 25 years, you have seen this friendly face. For as long as some of our team has been alive, Leona has been receiving visitors, answering the phone, and assisting with emergency needs at the front desk of the Cathedral.  As such, her days are rarely boring!  And she handles it all with grace.

One of the things the Open Door Cafe benefits from Leona is through her gracious welcome and goodbye to the many volunteers who come to serve.  We can always be assured that our volunteers are received with kindness and that at least one person says “thanks” to them for their service when Leona is at the desk.

Leona’s role requires flexibility and resilience – she has to say no to folks when we run out of bag lunches or troubleshoot solutions for a guest when no one else is around to assist with a specific issue.  Sometimes, when people are waiting for a ride or to meet with someone on staff they find a patient and empathetic friend in Leona, who provides a listening ear even when she has bulletins to stuff or envelopes to label.

We sure do lean on Leona.  In thanksgiving for her dedicated work, we honor her as October’s Star of the Month for the Open Door Cafe.  Thanks, Leona, for your many years of service and kindness to the guests of the Cafe and the Cathedral!


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