Cathedral Squared Enterprises

Cathedral Squared Enterprises


Cathedral Squared Enterprises artisan project gathers women from a variety of stories and histories to build authentic relationships while creating functional art out of materials otherwise headed to the landfill.  C2E challenges our throw-away culture by empowering people to create a world where no one and nothing is seen as disposable.

Join the effort:

  1. Learn how to make plarn and become a certified plarn producer for C2E  artisans. The quality of our product is determined by the consistency of our plarn. Anyone interested in becoming a plarn producer for us must first be trained by our artisans. Women may attend our plarn making sessions each week (Tues-Thursday, 12:00 – 3:00 pm) to learn or C2E artisans are available for on-site demonstrations with your group.
  2. Do you know how to crochet? Crochet coaches are needed to work one-on-one with our artisans to learn the stitches and to develop new products. LEFT-HANDED coaches especially needed. Coaching can happen by your schedule or during our crocheting times Tuesday-Thursday 12:00 – 3:00 pm.
  3. Financial contributions are welcome as we develop our training opportunities and to buy needed supplies! Or, buy our products at our website
  4. Become a C2E artisan – if interested in applying to be a C2E artisan, please contact Sarah Johnson, Guest Support Services at 414/276-9814, ext. 115.
  5. Collect used plastic bags for us. Fun colors are most welcome. Bags flattened out for us make us extra happy. And to donate them as already made plarn is our dream come true (see number 1).
  6. Donate sewing machines and equipment. Our latest endeavor is to salvage fabric destined for the landfill and to make reusable cloth totes to encourage people to stop using single-use plastic bags! Help us build up our equipment using our Amazon wish list.
  7. Find us at community events:
    • Sunday, April 22, C2E artisans will celebrate Earth Day by demonstrating plarn production and selling products at the RRRAGS – Riverwest Random Recycled Arts and Gifts Show!  Please stop by to support creativity in saving the planet.  Falcon Bowl, 803 E Clarke St, Milwaukee. Noon – 6 pm.
    • Mark your calendars for the Spring Makers’ Market for C2E artisans and other women and people of color owned businesses making unique products.  A great place to shop for your spring gift giving!  We will be open for business on Sunday April 29 from 10 am – 2 pm in the Atrium.

Check out this video to learn about our project:


Please contact us with any questions about C2E.  

C2E is generously funded by a grant from the local Catholic Campaign for Human Development through the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and by grants from the following organizations:

St. Ben’s Parish
Women’s Club of Wisconsin
Artsyblooms by Patrice Procopio