Pauline Workshop – Philippians

Pauline Letters Workshop
Dates: Feb 18th and 25th
Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am (After 9:00 am Mass)
Place: North Classroom 2nd Floor

At times, the letters of St. Paul can be a challenge to read, hear or proclaim as a lector. 1st Corinthians is one of those letters. At first reading it appears unorganized and illogical, but when read carefully with the guide of modern scholarship the letter becomes a window into the 1st century Christian church and a guide to building parish communities today.

1st Corinthians is our third Pauline workshop following Galatians and Thessalonians and one that required the most study. We hope to share what we have learned using the same format as previous courses: Two one-hour sessions one week apart.

Session One – The first session provides a road map to the letter. We include information on the ancient city, the social, cultural and religious entities that proved challenging to Paul and his converts. Most important in this background session are the insights of scholars on the underlying structure of the letter and Paul’s use of Greek rhetoric and Jewish scripture in his arguments.

Session Two – The second session is a facilitated discussion of the letter. To prepare for the discussion mark your texts with questions, comments, insights that will add to our appreciation of the letter.

Even with the insights of modern scholarship the letter remains controversial as Paul answers questions on morality, marriage and celibacy, the role of women .. from the context of the 1st century.

We will provide copies of 1st Corinthians for your notes.

Please confirm your attendance with Pat Wisialowski. Refer questions on class content to George Ryan, Dennis Callais or Jeff Johnson.