Wish Big

When Lola was 2 years old, she saw a person pushing a stroller full of his belongings across the street in the cold Milwaukee winter.  Like most 2 year olds, Lola war curious.  Her mom Carrie made the brave decision to try to explain homelessness to Lola.

Lola made a wish: that everyone would have a home so no one would be left out in the cold.

Lola’s Wish was born. Led by her daughter’s keen sense of justice and generous heart, Carrie called the Open Door Cafe to find out how Lola might help.  As winter wear – gloves, hats, socks, thermal underwear and scarves – can be a life-saver for people who spend a great deal of time outside, Lola and her mom decided to collect and distribute these items.  They asked friends and loved ones to donate, then made a date with the Open Door Cafe to set up a gift shop outside the Cafe during Christmastime.

Today, Lola is 9 years old and the family has continued the tradition each year since then.  By now, her 7th year of service, Lola has distributed thousands of items to our guests.

Carrie writes, “It is such a blessing to continue to help Lola fulfill her wish, and to see the gift of giving through her eyes. Having this opportunity has allowed us as a family to find more ways throughout the year to lend a helping hand, and for that we are eternally grateful.”

Thanks, Lola for wishing big!

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