Wedding Prayer of the Faithful

Universal Prayers (General Intercessions or Prayer of the Faithful)

The marriage rite concludes with the Universal Prayers, or Prayer of the Faithful. This is a set of prayers specifically directed to the larger needs of the world, the church and our communities. Usually, the priest, or members of the parish write these prayers for Sunday Mass. For the wedding liturgy, you may want to write them or, at least, suggest specific intentions or adaptations to be included in the prayers. This is a good opportunity to personalize the liturgy, while remembering the needs of others in the midst of the day’s joy.

The general intercessions begin with a brief introduction by the priest or deacon. Then, the intentions are announced by a reader. There are ordinarily five or six intentions, each simple and relatively brief. Following each intention, the reader says “we pray…” After the last intention, the priest or deacon says a concluding prayer which sums up and completes the general intercessions.

Following are two samples (in Microsoft Word) for you to personalize. Once you have completed this task, save the document to your computer. Email your completed intercessions to Scott W. Eakins, Director of Liturgy for review/approval. Should you need assistance with preparing the intercessions, you may contact the priest or deacon presiding at your wedding or Scott Eakins at 414/276-9814, ext. 303 or by email.

The General Intercessions

Please follow these directions:

For each of the documents, place your mouse over the MS Word icon. Click your mouse to save them to your computer. You can then open the document and save any changes before emailing it for review/approval.

     Option 1

     Option 2

Once you have completed your adaptations/changes, please email the WORD document (as an attachement) to Scott Eakins, Director of Liturgy & Communications.