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Mission Statement

We are a welcoming Eucharistic community committed to
growing together as disciples of Jesus Christ.
As both a parish and the Mother Church of the Archdiocese,
we serve as a beacon of faith, a patron of the arts,
and a haven and advocate for people who are poor and marginalized.

Value Statements
June 2011

The parishioners of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist value:

  • Liturgy and prayer that respects the broad tradition of the Church and invite full, active participation according tot he norms of Vatican II

  • Preaching that is vibrant and substantive, challenging and relevant

  • Music and the arts that inspire

  • Justice for all, in our parish, our community and our world

  • Spiritual formation and enrichment that enable people of all ages to understand, live, grow in, and share the Good News of the Catholic faith

  • Stewardship of time, talent and treasure that recognizes and utilizes the gifts of all for the common good

  • Hospitality that welcomes all and encourages personal relationships

  • Ministries of healing and wellness for the entire person - mind, body and spirit

Goals and Objectives
June 2011

Goal I: Continue to make liturgy the source and summit of Christian life for all who gather for prayer and worship.


  • Maintain and enhance the high quality music ministry of the parish

  • Provide ongoing education and spiritual formation for parishioners who serve in the liturgical ministries of the parish

  • Engage parishioners in full, active participation in liturgy and other worship experiences

  • Continue to provide substantial and inspirational homilies

Goal II: Provide opportunities and encourage and provide life-long faith formation and spiritual growth for all parishioners.


  • Develop a continuous RCIA process to encompass full parish participation and support

  • Provide updated theological education as it relates to personal, social and political issues

  • Create more opportunities for people of all generations to understand and be committed to the spirit and teachings of Vatican II

  • Offer opportunities for the downtown professional and business community to explore spirituality in the work place

  • Support Catholic East Elementary as our parish school and strengthen connections to the parish

  • Embrace East Side Child and Youth Ministry (ESCYM) as our parish program for Religious Education for public and private school students

  • Recognize community needs and offer supportive opportunities to address them

Goal III: Strengthen our commitment to evangelization.


  • Experience pride in our beliefs and invite others to share our faith

  • Encourage and facilitate faith sharing among parishioners

  • Model Christian hospitality in welcoming all who come to the Cathedral

  • Provide ongoing opportunities for active involvement of all parishioners in Cathedral events

  • Welcome and integrate new parishioners into parish life

  • Invite those who are searching or who are inactive to come home

Goal IV: Reach out and collaborate with others in service of the Gospel.


  • Create a collaborative environment for mutual support of business, civic, educational and religious entities in the downtown area to address social issues

  • In the spirit of ecumenism, collaborate with parishes and other faith communities in the Archdiocese

  • Through direct service and advocacy strive to eliminate the social ills caused by injustice

  • Strengthen our relationship with the National Shrine of St. Lucy, our sister parish in St. Lucia

  • Support the ministries of healing and wellness of mind, body and spirit

  • Build community with those we serve

Goal V: Promote full and active participation in stewardship of time, talent and treasure.


  • Consistently invite and educate parishioners to embrace comprehensive stewardship

  • Regularly show gratitude for parishioners' commitment to stewardship

  • Encourage personal commitment to stewardship

Goal VI: Enhance appreciation for and involvement in the sacred arts.


  • Partner with other organizations to continually promote the experience of the arts

  • Ensure diverse programming to appeal to a varied audience

  • Increase individuals' understanding and appreciation of sacred art

  • Offer educational opportunities and formational resources related to faith and the arts

Goal VII: Communicate with parishioners and the community at large.


  • Increase the visibility of our faith and parish and activities

  • Ensure communication using a wide variety of marketing methods

  • Utilize social media to provide points of contact for communication, collaboration and feedback




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