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Our Sister Parish: St. Lucy

About St. Lucy Parish

"A place that will give meaning to the real name of Lucy.
A place of light in the heart of every St. Lucian, especially
that of the Catholic community of Micoud."
Fr. Ed Mesias MF, Pastor of St.Lucy Parish

The Micoud district, situated on the Southeast (Atlantic Ocean) side of the island, has a population of 18,071 (as of the 2005/6 census). The community is considered the second poorest in St. Lucia, with 43.6% of the people living below the poverty level. The people are predominantly a racial mixture of Carib Indians and African abductees.

The village of Micoud, St. Lucia, has had a Catholic presence since 1771. The Parish started one of the first Catholic Schools (60 students) on the island in 1866. Today its 3 Level School has 1,610 students. The current St. Lucy Church was built in 1932 and had been declared the National Shrine of St. Lucia a few years before the Church was completed.

When Fr. Ed. Mesias (at left) became the pastor in 2003. Arriving from Rome, Fr. Ed found the Church in severe disrepair. Partly from poor initial construction and partly from delayed maintenance. Since that time he has worked to improve and repair the Church, school buildings, rectory and other parish structures. Because of his efforts, the Diocese, is again recognizing St. Lucy as its National Shrine and has been holding nationwide meetings and events at the Church. Yet, much still needs to be done for the school and rectory.

Our "Sister Relationship" with St. Lucy began in October of 2009. Our hope is to not just build a Parish to Parish relationship but also a family to family relationships during the coming years. We plan on having a group from St. John's visit the island in late Spring or early Summer of this year.

Below, St. Lucy Parishioner Veronica Augustin visits with Cathedral parishioners about St. Lucy during a recent visit.

Update: June 2010


It is with great sadness that we learned that Fr. Ed Mesias, MF, has been reassigned from his duties as Pastor of St. Lucy's in Micoud. Fr. Ed, who visited St. John's Cathedral in October of last year to kickoff our Sister Parish relationship, was notified shortly before the Easter Season that he will need to leave St Lucia.


As of this time, no replacement has been named. A priest from a neighboring parish is filling in for Fr. Ed as of now. Currently, Archbishop of Castries, St. Lucia, Robert Rivas OP is visiting Australia, the Philippines, and East Africa to recruit a priest to minister to the people of St. Lucia.


Veronica Augustin (above left), who also visited Milwaukee in October, tells us that the have been told a replacement could be named by mid July.


Our prayers go out to Fr. Ed as he awaits his new assignment and that Archbishop Rivas has a successful recruiting trip.


The most immediate effect on our Sister Parish relationship according to Bob Boehm (Facilitator of Cathedral's Sister Parish Committee) is that a trip to St. Lucy "by members of the Sister Parish Committee, which could have been undertaken in late August or early September, may have to be delayed for several months."


As we await more news, the Committee reminds us that our prayers for people St. Lucy's are always needed.



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