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Becoming a Parishioner

For most Catholics, the parish is where the mission of Christ continues. The parish is first of all a people who have been called together by God. It takes shape in the context of faith and prayer and is essential to the life of the Church. It is within the parish that the most intimate concerns of the individuals and the broadest reaches of the Church's mission come together.

The Christian faithful, incorporated in Christ through Baptism, are the "People of God." Each parish community has its own unique identity, since it is composed of the people who constitute it.

Active membership in a parish provides people the opportunity to enrich their faith life through worship within a community. Parishioners may join the parish leadership to help carry out the parish mission. Parish social activities provide the community the opportunity to put their faith into action. Not only is a person's faith life enhanced by active involvement within a parish, but the community is enhanced as a whole as well.

Are you interested in living out your call of discipleship in a parish community? Do wish to enhance your prayer life by active participation in the liturgy?

We invite you to consider joining other Cathedral parishioners living out their call to discipleship. For more information, please contact:

Barbara Kowalewski
Administrative Assistant to the Rector
Telephone: (414) 276-9814, ext. 3104

Associate Parishioner

The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is the Mother Church of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, and as such, it belongs to every parishioner of the Archdiocese. While people often choose to belong to a Catholic Parish in their own vicinity, many may also choose to be associate members of the Cathedral. That associate parishioner may take on whatever definition they choose.

Would you like to be an associate parishioner? For more information contact:

Tom Laabs
Director of Administration & Development
Telephone: 414/276-9814, ext. 3104





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