The Power of Prayer

We know prayer works. At present, over 80 Cathedral parishioners minister as Prayer Partners in our Cathedral Prayer Link. Below are reflections of two people who pray and also receive prayer.

“Pat, I actually wanted to email my thanks to you right after I received the request for prayers for my son (30 year old graphic artist with eye trouble). I was moved to tears to know that so many were lifting him up in prayer. I have been receiving your requests for prayer for quite some time and always prayed for those mentioned. But it never occurred to me during all that time that I would be asking for prayers and what it would mean when my turn came. Thank you and all those who are unseen and praying. What a mighty spiritual force!”

-Ron Zeilinger

“I cherish the opportunity to be a member of the Prayer Link.  When I lift up the intentions in my prayer, I feel the spiritual bond of community.  In a world where so many people feel lonely and disconnected, the Prayer Link is an opportunity to be part of a very loving and caring family.  I truly know what it is like to be a member of the Body of Christ. I also know the strength and support that comes from being included in intercessory prayer.  The encouragement and reassurance is tangible.  You can feel a sense of protection.   It makes a difference!  It truly is a blessing to know this prayerful power and comforting spiritual embrace, and there is a special sense of good-will that comes from the chance to extend this gift to someone else in need.  And, all that is needed to offer this gift is a bit of our time.”   

God’s peace,  

-Bishop Jeff

If you would like to be a Prayer Partner and join our Prayer Link ministry, please email Pat Wisialowski at, or call her at 414/232-7406, ext. 302.  Prayer requests are emailed under a blind copy so your email address will not show on the request. And, of course, if you or your family are ever in need of prayer, please contact Pat with your request.

Thank you!