Concerts are each Wednesday at 12:15 pm and last approximately 30 minutes.

For more information regarding the Wednesday Concert Series, please contact Michael Batcho, Director of Music at 414/276-9814, ext. 305 or

The Wednesday Concert Series includes guest artists and Cathedral musicians. If you would like information on how to become a guest artist, contact Michael Batcho, Director of Music. The following link has detailed information for guest artists: ARTIST INFO.

About the Wednesday Concert Series

In February 2002 the Wednesday Noon Concert Series was begun. For the most part, each Wednesday year round half-hour concerts take place between 12:15 and 12:45. A variety of performers, including choir, guitar, cello, piano, organ, voice, string trio, harp and others, provide a mid-day respite to downtown workers and guests. Though a freewill offering is taken, there is no charge to attend the concerts. The Wednesday Noon Concert Series is the only on-going series of its kind in the Greater Milwaukee area.

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Concert Performers

Upcoming schedule (subject to change):

02 • Jeffrey Jaworski, guitar
09 • Hans Uwe Hielscher, organ
16 • Adrien Zitoun, cello and Chi Li violin
23 • Agnieszka Kosmecka, organ
30 • George Radosavljevic, piano

06 • Charles Q. Sullivan, organ
13 • Cordes de Lion (cello & guitar)
20 • DSHA Chamber Orchestra
27 • Valerie Floeter, piano & Pat Backhaus, trumpet

04 • Emma Peng, guitar
11 • Joseph Kucharski, organ
18 • Milwaukee Liederkranz
25 • No concert – Christmas holiday